Governance & Innovation

Fostering Collaboration Through Governance

First introduced in 2009, Mattos Filho’s innovative modified lockstep partner compensation model marked a milestone in Mattos Filho’s history and was pivotal in cultivating a collaborative culture akin to leading international firms.

This model has increased transparency around decision-making while encouraging collective responsibility and a strategic vision of the firm’s evolution. In pioneering this model within the Brazilian legal sector, Mattos Filho even became the subject of a Harvard University case study.

In implementing this significant change, the firm’s leadership committed itself to institutionalizing a multidisciplinary approach and prioritizing excellence in client service. This was important as the model places value on diverse skillsets and expertise, fostering a more holistic view of the firm’s development and growth.

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“The shift in our compensation model reshaped our focus, driving collaboration and yielding substantial improvements in efficiency, the quality of our services, and consistent growth. We still see the efficacy and influence of the modified lockstep model, even after 14 years. Moreover, the fact that it was unique in Latin America led to it becoming a Harvard case study”

Roberto Quiroga
Founding Partner

Integrity & Ethics

The firm maintains a close eye on its internal integrity policies to ensure they are in line with the best practices. This entails continuously updating internal materials (such as the firm’s code of ethics and conduct), training professionals across a number of relevant domains, and setting specific criteria for contracting third parties and suppliers.

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“Ethical conduct and integrity are pivotal to the growth of the firm and to cultivating a strong internal culture. In practice, this involves an ongoing process of refining our policies, which all our professionals, clients, and business partners are expected to adhere to”

Marcelo Mansur

Driving innovation in the legal sector

Results in 2023
Awards & Recognitions:

In 2023, attix proved to be one of the firm’s key strategic pillars, receiving significant recognition from the market for its excellence in legal innovation. With the immense potential for these technological solutions to grow, we can say our journey down the path of open innovation is just beginning 

Lisa Worcman
Partner & Sponsor – attix

Information Security and the Topic of 2023: Artificial Intelligence

In a year that saw the use of artificial intelligence increase in leaps and bounds, the firm kept up with the latest developments and tested state-of-the-art technological tools to boost efficiency in client service while ensuring information security remained paramount.

The firm also had its ISO 27001 certification renewed and it provided up-to-date training for its professionals. With highly mature internal policies and controls in place, exploring innovative technological avenues to automate and streamline processes becomes more feasible.

“Artificial intelligence holds great promise and will usher in significant changes to how we conduct our work, whether in regard to client service or to administrative tasks. We expect it will foster increased productivity and smoother processes,” said Leonardo Brandileone, Technology and Knowledge Officer.

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