A Message from Our Partners
The Power of the Collective:
A More Interactive, Interconnected Report

Excellence and innovation are at the core of Mattos Filho. A journey marked by challenging existing norms has put us at the forefront of Brazil’s legal sector, creating value for our clients, business partners, and society as a whole. Therefore, it only seemed natural to bring this innovative perspective to our 2023 annual report.  

Around the world, we are seeing technology advance ever faster. There are heightened tensions, conflicts, political polarization, and a climate crisis that has gained global attention. In such times, we choose to look to our firm’s culture and focus on one of the most essential aspects of law: dialogue.  

A symbol of our commitment to transparency, this report highlights the dialogue between generations, dialogue between legacy and innovation, dialogue between knowledge and practices, and dialogue between the firm, our clients and society. This year’s report synthesizes this collective, emphasizing the principles of interactivity and interconnectedness.  

Mattos Filho’s strategic initiatives, commitments, and actions for positive impact are all part of an ongoing, continuous cycle. In presenting the firm’s key milestones and achievements in 2023, we invite readers to take a similar cyclical approach to navigating around the report’s contents.

Mattos Filho – on the pulse of new times.  

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A Message from Our Partners

Brazil’s economy advanced slowly in 2023, and investor uncertainty had impacts on various sectors. Yet despite this challenging scenario, Mattos Filho was able to grow, launch new practice areas, and maintain our position at the pinnacle of the Brazilian legal market, as shown by our numbers and the awards we received. 
The reach of our services, our ability to collaborate across a range of legal areas, and our commitment to excellence have ensured we continue to serve our clients as their ideal strategic partner. We would like to congratulate all Mattos Filho professionals who are an important part of this success. 

We know the trust placed in us was fundamental in achieving these results. As such, we reaffirm our commitment to transparency through ‘Pulso’, our new integrated report. Covering information on the three ESG fronts, this first edition also contains topics that impacted the business world in 2023 and should continue to be top of mind in 2024. 

Moreover, the report includes a special look at our firm’s recent transition between managing partners, with Pedro Whitaker de Souza Dias taking the helm from Roberto Quiroga Mosquera. With this, we know Mattos Filho will continue its successful journey, working alongside you to develop Brazil’s economy, generate opportunities for our professionals, and positively impact society. We will look to establish new commitments for the future without losing sight of the values that brought us here. 

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to read this report with the idea of dialogue in mind. As always, we remain available to receive feedback and discuss the topics addressed here, as well as any other subjects that may be of interest. 

As tireless as ever, we will continue innovating as we move forward, transforming legal challenges into business opportunities. 


The Partners – Mattos Filho  

A New Look for the Future

Pedro Whitaker de Souza Dias and Roberto Quiroga reflect on the recent managing partner transition process at the firm

Brazilian & International Operations

In 2023, Mattos Filho continued applying its collaborative and multidisciplinary approach as the full-service firm for large companies. Our continued expansion across Brazil’s various regions – especially beyond major population centers – and a focus on different industries and segments presented new challenges and opportunities. 

At the international level, we offer strategic, assertive legal advice to foreign clients who seek to do business in Brazil. We have offices in New York and London, serving clients in more than 45 countries, including Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Israel, Japan and China, as well as regions such as Latin America and the Nordic countries.